The Nova Scotia International Ferry Partnership (NSIFP) was established in 2011 to inform industry stakeholders, government and the public about the essential need for an international ferry linkage between Nova Scotia and the United States; to make a convincing and prevailing business case for the continuance of such a service; and gain wide ranging regional support for the restoration of that service.

Our hope is that the public and industry will partner with the NSIFP to send a strong message via this website to government to put the requisite supporting funding into this vital and proven commercial service. We intend for this website become an effective advocacy tool for commercial and community supporters of an international ferry connection between Eastern Canada and the New England states.

The Issue

The ferry service between Yarmouth and Maine was terminated in December 2009.

Declining U.S. visitation to Nova Scotia and falling ridership on the Maine-Yarmouth ferry route led to a decision by the Government of Nova Scotia to terminate its support to the service operator. Without the subsidy, the operator decided not to operate from the 2010 season onwards. This resulted in the loss of an important U.S. visitor gateway to the province.

It is obvious to local elected officials and business owners that the ferry termination has had a significant impact on the local economy, with estimates of a loss of up to 50% of local hotel accommodations on top of the loss of jobs and the purchase of goods and services related to the ferry operation itself.

Municipal leaders decided that there had to be a new approach to the issue. They asked the business community to take the lead and they commissioned a study to get the facts related to the viability of the service from a private investor perspective and the economic impact from a public service perspective.

Accordingly the NSIFP has been formed to make the business case for international ferry service between Nova Scotia and New England.


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