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My family has been going back & forth to Nova Scotia for as long as there has been a boat. We still own the family farm in Wellington and have had to seriously decided we can no longer make this trip. It takes us 18 hrs. to drive 1 way so 36 hrs in a car does not make sense anymore. Airfare is prohibitive for a family of 5. Please, please bring back a boat any boat we don't need movie theaters, casino etc,
Lori January 03, 2013
I am from Southern Ontario, but now live in Nova Scotia. I was disappointed to learn of the cancellation of the ferry service because crossing from Yarmouth would have cut the mileage in half on my trips back home for a visit. It's great to hear both sides talking about getting it running again, but I hope Mr. Dexter realizes just how valuable this service is to Nova Scotia as a whole.
Mark January 02, 2013
" I have lived in Nova Scotia for over 20 years. I am recently engaged to a man whos family lives in New Hamshire/Boston area. If the ferry was to open, it would mean direct access to visits, especially important once we have kids. We are planning a wedding in August, 2013 in Hubbards, and are hoping the ferry opens before then so our New England family can come easily. PLEASE PLEASE open the ferry, I personally will invite plently of family into canada, and I know it will be profitable to our community on a personal level, and as a whole. "
katie December 31, 2012
My family has owned property in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia now for a little over 10 years, using the CAT and prior to the CAT the Scotia Prince to travel from Maine to Nova Scotia regularly for long weekends, holidays and vacations. The end of this method of transporation has not only impacted my family who can no longer visit as often and do our part to drive the local economy of Yarmouth, but the town itself has seen an enormous drop in tourism; destroying jobs and slowing down the entire town. As the town continues to come to a slow and steady halt it is becoming more and more apparent that the operation of the ferry is imparative for the economic success of these small towns. I love Nova Scotia and want to do everything I can to bring the ferry and the towns affected by it back to life! The less accesible these places are the less opportunities are created for residents and Nova Scotia lovers alike.
Elyse December 27, 2012
We have stopped travelling to Nova Scotia because "The Cat" does not sail anymore. We also have five other couples that would meet us in the Halifax area where e would spend one month with day trips or just "hanging around the awesome waterfront". All of us do not do this now as there is no "Cat" and because we find the drive thru the U.S. an easier and less expensive trip. Respectfully, Michael W. Joy, S.C.,M.B. Ancaster, Ontario.
Michael W. Joy, S.C.,M.B. December 20, 2012
I am 67 years old and my husband and I built a second home near Yarmouth 1994. We loved the convenience of traveling from Maine to Yarmouth. My husband passed on 2 years ago so I now have to travel alone from Massacgusetts to Dt. John to go to our place. I also do not go as often. We became frequent sailors with th eScotia Prince and the Cat. Please for my sake and the sake of the economy, we need a Maine?Yarmouth ferry. Thank You
Suzanne E. Vaida December 14, 2012
ERIN December 13, 2012
I always wanted to take the "Cat" ferry but most of my vacationing was to New Brunswick, particularly Grand Manan. I came to understand needing a "Fundy Fix." In 2010 we were planning to go to Nova Scotia for a change but when I went to check out prices I couldn't believe my eyes. The "Cat" was going out of business. We are Americans, New Yorkers to be precise, but we love Atlantic Canada! I even lived a year in Newfoundland. My husband and I are searching for a summer home and we want to check out Nova Scotia. Please bring the "Cat" or other Ferry service to connect Maine and Nova Scotia. No offense Maine but you just don't have the same quaint, friendly character of Atlantic Canada.
Jill December 08, 2012
I own a home in Nova Scotia and traveled via the "Cat" in years past and it was so easy to get on in Portland and arrive in Yarmouth. It made the trip from NH easy and saved the expense of an overnight in St. John. I could also bring my dog in the car and my grandchildren loved the movies on the "Cat". The ferry ride was a big part of the vacation experience for my grandchildren - they loved looking for whales as well as we approached Yarmouth. The ferry afforded us the ability to travel back and forth many times to our home in Nova Scotia with ease. I can't say enough about my personal experience. I know from friends in Nova Scotia about the negative impact in the Yarmouth area from not having the ferry. Loss of revenue from the tourist industry has been devastating to the local economy. I support and encourage the re-establishment of the ferry between Portland, Bar Harbor to Yarmouth. Evelyn
Evelyn November 18, 2012
My sister and her family and my daughter live in Nova Scotia. One of the highlights that I had in travelling to see them was taking the CAT. It was a wonderful break in the drive and I arrived refreshed . I did not visit NS this year because the Cat was not in operation. I am hoping to go next summer and with that, I hope to once again ride the Cat
Maggie Fleming Maggie Fleming November 15, 2012
My ancestors came from Nova Scotia, and as a 1st generation American, I spent every summer on my grandmother's farm in Nova Scotia, as did most of my cousins. Since the end of ferry service from Maine to Nova Scotia, we all now have to drive from the Boston area up to St. John, New Brunswick. The same long trip we had to make back in the 1950's when ferry service from Boston to Nova Scotia was stopped. This is the 21st Century - why is it still taking two days to get to Nova Scotia? My grandmother had an easier time getting from Nova Scotia to Boston in 1895 than I do in 2012!! Bring the ferry back!
Margaret Steeves-Mancini November 12, 2012
Forgot to add in my last submission: The Cat from Portland to Yarmouth was way too expensive for many people. We need an ferry from Portland to Yarmouth like the one that goes from St. John to Digby. Sleeping overnight on the ferry is much preferable to staying in a hotel in St Johns to catch the early morning ferry.
Janet November 12, 2012
My husband and I rent a cottage in Nova Scotia every summer for about 6 weeks. We have invited so many friends and family from the US to stay with us but they don't come because (1) it is too expensive to fly to Halifax and rent a car, and (2) it takes too long to drive to St. John to get the ferry to Digby. Most people only have a week's vacation and they can't spend 4 of the 9 days driving. If a ferry from Portland ME to Yarmouth was available, many more people would visit Nova Scotia. Particularly people in the New England area. Nova Scotia rentals are much less costly than Maine rentals but people don't use them because of the difficulty of getting to Nova Scotia.
Janet November 12, 2012
My husband and I have made several trips to Nova Scotia using the ferry service especially since most of my ancestors came from Yarmouth. It is like coming home to me. One year we took our son with us and he enjoyed seeing the Maritimes too. We would love to be able to have our son and his wife and our daughter and her family visit NS and PEI too. The ferry service, and especially the Cat was a wonderful way to go. I would love it if there was a Cat like ferry service out of Boston.
Bonnie November 10, 2012
I have traveled to Nova Scotia at least once every year since 1972 and a few times before that. I haven't seen any comments on the events of 9/11/2001. This had an immediate effect on the way people traveled. It took time but gradually we had to get a passport. With four in my family it meant that in addition to paying for my trip, I had to have the foresight and $400 to get passports for my family. I still haven't got passports for everyone. I would imagine that I am not the only person who would be affected by the passport requirement. It means that visitors that are traveling on a whim can't do so. There needs to be at least a few weeks planning before going. Personally, I found the overnight trip with a stateroom to be the easiest even though it cost the most. We always looked forward to a meal together on the ship. I was able to make the trip to my destination in what would effectively three hours. The overnight trip took very little from my time with my relatives.
Curtis November 03, 2012
I have close friends that live in Nova Scotia. My family and I visit annually. Last year with the cancellation of both the Scotia Prince and CAT we were forced to drive. While the scenery was beautiful, the drive from MA was too long. We had to cut our trip short to allow for driving time. That means less money we spent in the province while visiting. This year we did not visit. The airfare was too expensive and we would still have a 3 hour drive to reach our destination from Halifax. I have been visiting for 20 years and by far my favorite way to travel was the Scotia Prince. Please bring it back!
Therese Eisner October 29, 2012
Please reinstate the ferry! My husband and I, like tens of thousands of other tourists, love the Maritime Provinces, and love visiting them. Unfortunately, since the ferry has been discontinued, our visits are less frequent and shorter. This hurts us, but it also hurts the many Canadians we have met there who rely on the tourist business for their income. I understand that our vacation plans are of little interest to the politicians, but shouldn't the Canadian economy, which in the Maritimes is based strongly on tourism, be a priority?
Carole Angell October 22, 2012
I am very disappointed with the discontinuance of the ferry service between Maine and Nova Scotia. My plans to visit seem to get torpedoed everywhere. First I checked to go to St. Andrews by the Sea, NB but the hotel I wanted was closed. So then I decided on a ferry from Maine to NS but that is cancelled. I'm am going to now make vacation plans that do not include NB or NS.
Philip Haynes October 13, 2012
Our family lives in Yarmouth county and with out the ferry, we can no longer afford to visit. Flying into Halifax and renting a car is far too expensive, and driving around is far to long to be away from home and work. I miss seeing family and Nova Scotia. Please bring back the ferry.
Karin Helm October 07, 2012
Ferry Partnership...are you still reading these e-mails? 3 Things of note this week: 1. The Amherst Information Bureau called me to ask if we are still in business. (huh?) 2. A customer (tourist) asked "Has this place always been such a depressed area?" 3. An American grocery chain placed a full page ad in "The Montreal Gazette" -- turkeys 77 cents/lb. Thousands of Quebecers will flock to Plattsburg to shop (and it's not even the American Thanksgiving). Smart! Hey Nova Scotia...we're missing the boat! Sharon Yarmouth Wool Shoppe Limited
Sharon Lloyd October 06, 2012

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